Mar 01

Froggy Got Fresh

Early one spring, my husband and I kayaked up Powell Lake for a 3 day trip. We set up camp on a small spit nestled behind a maze of snags and stumps protruding from the water. The perfect place to try out my new snorkle gear! Although sun reflected off the surface, beneath was a murky world of black depths and eerie woodscapes where imagined creatures were lurking. Drawn by the light where shore meets lapping ripples, I happened upon some frogs that hadn’t fully morphed, their tails leaving lines in the sand. Unlike most frogs, these were not afraid of humans or at least not yet maybe. Upon swimming away, 2 of them followed. Amazed, I stood to tell Hank. Just as I was about to call out, one perched his front flippers/claws on the breast seam of my swimsuit. At this point I decided to stay quiet and drink in the moment. Not sure what the frog thought, but he then jumped into my swimsuit! He wriggled around to the back when I tried to scoop him up. After several minutes of giggling and chasing him around, he finally squirmed out. And that concludes my story.
-by Sabrina Vink

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