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[important]New Episode!! Dec. 2015[/important]

Salmon in Pipefish Bay ~ Get Wet with the Amphibiographer

Salmon in Pipefish Bay from Terry L Brown Amphibiographer on Vimeo.

Salmon have been hanging out in our little bay since September, first Pinks, then Chum and now Coho. The closest spawning river is many km away so are they pioneers looking for new waters, or are they just staging here? The Coho have been getting spawning colours and hooked upper jaws.Take a look at the amazing life in our bay including pipefish, squid, jellies and salmon.


World Water Day in Toronto ~ Get Wet with the Amphibiographer

Celebrate World Water Day, March 22nd, and Canada Water Week by watching this episode. Some camera dunkin’ in Black Creek, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, reveals a fish feedin’ frenzy. Toronto!?!? Yep, even if you live in a big urban centre you can find Local Liquid! While visiting my Mom (in-Law) in Toronto last March I explored Black Creek which flows through the Downsview Dells Park, one of the many ravine system parks which harbour a surprising variety of life. Including some Skookum Wiggly terrestrial amphibians.

With summertime temperatures, no snow and low water levels March 2012 was very unusual. No matter what the weather Get Out and Get Wet in your own Local Liquid, snowbank or mud puddle! May Every Day be Water Day!


The First Episode

“The Dark Pools ~ Get Wet with The Amphibiographer”

Dive into the mysteries of the Dark Pools in the canyons of Eagle River!

Join the Amphibiographer as he explores his Local Liquid. Swim into a cave filled with waterfalls, watch ‘mermaid hair’ dancing in the current, and see what whitewater rapids look like from a fish’s eye view. With point-of-view camera footage you’ll be part of the action, feeling the waterfall pounding onto your head or floating in the canyon mesmerized by water kissing rock.

Filmed during one afternoon a few minutes from The Amphibiographer’s home near Powell River on the Upper Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.


Get Wet with the Amphibiographer ~ The Riches of Ditches – Part 1

So you don’t live near an ocean, a river doesn’t run through your neighbourhood, you don’t even have a decent pond nearby…Don’t Despair!!! Find your nearest ditch! Yes, Ditch. Bicycle with the Amphibiographer to explore the exotic wonders of a ditch beside a highway. Exotic wonders? Yes… see a ‘ruby’ spotted garter snake slithering through the water as a plethora of pollywogs rocket away. Snake grabs a pollywog by the tail…will it get away, or will it be a snake snack?

“Step outside your door, and there are wonders galore,
you don’t have to travel far, you don’t even need a car,
just explore where you are!!”
“Get Out and (sometimes you don’t even need to) Get Wet”



Get Wet with the Amphibiographer ~ The Riches of Ditches – Part 2

Dunk a waterproof pole cam into this ditch and enter a surreal plastic bag world teeming with tiny tenants. A month after his first visit the Amphibiographer cycles back to this ditch beside the highway to video the growing pollywogs and ‘sallywogs’ (baby salamanders). Some amazing life and death dramas occur.

Cheer for your favourite as a sallywog and water beetle battle for possession of a pollywog: a dead one who could deliver dinner for days. Jet propelled sallywogs ‘sproing’ into the frame and parachute down to the bottom again. Will the ‘ruby’ spotted garter snake make another appearance? Dive right in and be amazed by this rich ditch.



Get Wet with the Amphibiographer ~ The Riches of Ditches – Part 3

More Ditch Dramas as water striders fight for a huge food windfall, a garter snake zips about underwater searching for pollywogs, and ‘herds’ of sallywogs graze the underwater savannah like ancient dinosaurs…plus, an insect who makes her own mobile home.



Get Wet with the Amphibiographer ~ The Riches of Ditches – Part 4

After a July heat wave the ditch puddles have shrunk, some are dried up. What’s happened to our pollywogs and sallywogs? Have they left the ditch? Are they all eaten by predators? Are any alive? A last ditch effort by Terry and Jude to supply some water brings only a day or two of relief. We see the Danger of Ditches for frog and salamander spawn!


Get Wet with the Amphibiographer ~ Honeycomb Creek Crawl

Joining the Amphibiographer in exploring a “holey place”, a local creek with honeycomb rock formations, is his life partner Jude, and she makes a surprising discovery! With lots of point-of-view footage you’ll definitely feel like you’re right there, slipping into tight channels and crawl-throughs, and marveling at uniquely coloured sculpin fish.

Creek Crawlin’ is a new water sport, where you travel UPstream! You’re up the creek without a paddle…without even a boat!!! Unlike other river running sports the aim is to keep your face in the water as much as possible. While wearing a mask and snorkel of course.

So come on in, immerse yourself in a summer creek crawl!!



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