The Amphibiographer Goes Tarzan!


It’s me 22 years ago! Afloat in the Caves Branch River where we will be filming underwater.


Have you ever wanted to be Tarzan, Jane or Mowgli and explore the jungle with your animal friends?

Well I have, and I’m now going to live my fantasy!! Otter Be Good’s new film project swings into action taking you Inside Jungle River. Yep, I’m diving into a film project in the exotic country of Belize, in Central America, just below Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. I was there 22 years ago and have been longing to get back ever since. It’s time to explore the exotic in the exotic. Who knows, perhaps the exotic waters of Belize can become my 2nd home, then they will be my Local Liquid!!!

For more info on the project click here: Inside Jungle River

To find out about the unique method we are using to make the film, “Interspecies Communication”, click here: The Making Of



The Amphibiographer (Terry) and Jude are Featured in this Greenpeace Video about Protecting the Great Bear Rainforest!!

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