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Elephant Seal On Our Beach

Elephant Seal Whisperer

I’m speaking in a soothing voice to this elephant seal bull on our beach, letting him know we’re not a threat and he can go back to sleep, basking in the sun. It seemed to work!

We just moved into our new place and in our ‘backyard’ we saw this Elephant Seal bull basking in the hot, hot sun on July 1st. Happy Canada Day! This guy is the first I’ve seen in BC, they are around but not in great numbers. He let us get close as he dozed and snored, then he let me get very close underwater as he would breathe up then sink to the bottom for a quick snooze as he slowly made his way out of the bay. He looks HUGE underwater, seems like over 3 metres (10 feet) long and many times as heavy as me!!! Intimidating . . . but he wasn’t aggressive at all. The water is very murky with plankton so I had to be within about 4 feet to get video. Stay tuned for underwater video clips.

We’ll call our bay ‘Pipefish Bay’ to keep the exact location a bit of a mystery. This was the best house-warming gift and it was on Canada Day too so we celebrated this amazing country with him.

Okeover Inlet, Desolation Sound, Powell River Region, BC, Canada July 1st 2015.

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