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Welcoming Whales Project

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Lullaby for Whale

Whether this humpback whale was enjoying our didgeridoo/chanting ‘music’ or just having a nap we’re not sure, but we had a mellow, soothing, lovely time hanging out and connecting with whale who chose to stay near us for awhile. Earlier we had been floating around in our 27 ft. sailboat with this humpback as she/he was feeding and once she/he came very close, diving under the boat and surprising us with a big blow behind us right beside the boat! (See Wait For It . . . video below) It was getting on toward sunset so we decided to leave the scene and head to the harbour at Powell River but as we cruised in we saw an elephant seal with his big-shnozzed snout in the air and slowed down to video him, then we saw a humpback whale breaching behind us, leaping out of the water and crashing back in. So we turned around and went back toward where the whale had been breaching but of course had stopped by the time we were close enough for good video.

We were disappointed but then whale circled us and came closer. Jude played the didgeridoo like she had been earlier and this whale stayed near the surface, just gently submerging a little then floating up to take easy breaths. I started chanting too to keep whale intersted. Musically it’s not great since Jude was tired from so much playing already and I was focused on getting video. Also the video is bouncy since there was a swell and trying to handhold the camera zoomed in on telphoto while bobbing in a boat produces vertigo-inducing video. There’s no dramatic action with short clips of riveting behaviour, just long shots of mellow whale on bouncy seas, so watch what you can and close your eyes and imagine being with whale in a relaxing encounter!

Terry and Jude in the  Salish Sea, Malaspina Strait, Powell River, British Columbia, Canada   Oct. 24, 2017

Wait For It . . . Whale Surfaces Beside Boat!

We had been floating around in our 27 ft. sailboat with this humpback as she/he was feeding and this timeshe/he came very close, submerging nearby and we waited expectantly for whale to surface right beside uswhen all of a sudden we were surprised by a big blow behind us right beside the boat! Heart-stopping fun!

Terry and Jude     Algerine Pass, Salish Sea, Powell River, British Columbia, Canada   Sept. 24 2017


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